18 December 2020

Christmas spirit sees Tulloch Homes aid vital charities

When it was clear lockdown was causing genuine hardship, Tulloch Homes donated £1,000 a week for eight weeks to the Highland Food Bank at Glebe Street, Inverness, and manager Lorna Dempster explained how it was vital to extending their service during the pandemic.

The company has stepped in again with a further £1,000 a week for five weeks from December 14 – for which the Food Bank is massively grateful at a time when more people are seeking their help than ever before.

Significant donations are also being made to two local causes combating cancer.

Maggie’s Highlands is a ‘calming space’ venue based beside Raigmore Hospital, which offers help for cancer sufferers and their families, including support groups and the opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea and chat to people who know what you are going through.

Macmillan Cancer Support brings tried and trusted cancer information and assistance plus an acclaimed team of specialist cancer care nurses.

Chief executive George Fraser said: “With social distancing rules meaning we’ll have no company Christmas parties and celebrations this year, we’ve diverted what would have been spent, and added more, to ensure that fewer people go hungry and comfort is brought to those with cancer.

"I hope all our employees and subcontractors will feel this is the right thing to do this festive season. This is Tulloch putting something back into the communities we spring from.”

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