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Accessing your home

Accessing the home

Front Door

All front doors are fitted with spy holes, safety chains and a three point locking system.

The best way to lock the door – palm under, push up into lock position, then thumbturn to lock.

Outside, doorbells are fitted and the bell box for the door is up there.

 Lounge/Dining Area

Window vents can be opened or closed by pulling the tab up or down.

Patio doors open out.

To lock – palm under, lift up and it’s a key turn to lock.

 Garage Access

Houses with garages have garage pass doors.

These are fire doors so are self-closing.

There’s also an internal lock.

 Garage Roller Door

The garage roller door can be locked from the inside by pulling down with one hand and with a half turn on the handle, the door lock will engage.

Remember to perform a tight seal at the bottom of the door - it is important to make sure the door is pulled down to where it meets the floor.

To lock and unlock from the outside, insert the keys.

Remember to take the key out before opening the garage roller door, as the key will break if the key is not removed.

After lifting up, the door will stay in an open position until you close it.