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Bathrooms, cloakrooms and en suites

Bathrooms, Cloakrooms & En-suite

To operate the waste in the bathroom sink, you push it down and pop it up by pressing the lever behind the tap.

For cleaning purposes, you just lift the waste out and you can reach in to clean.

Once you’re done cleaning, just pop it back into place.

For the water, you turn the tap left for hot and right for cold.

To operate the shower over the bath – use the lever on the lefthand side to turn it on and off and  the righthand lever is for the temperature control. Lift the centre button up to operate the shower.

This is the bathscreen, it’s important to have the screen fitted correctly so it deflects the water back into the bath.

Bathrooms and en suites are fitted with extract fans. They’re on 24/7 through a trickle vent.

If you turn the light on, you’ll get a boost off the light.

If you ever have to work on the extract fans, there’s an isolator outside the door. You can switch it off here and back on when you’re done.

 En-suite shower

For your electric shower, remember to register and activate your warranty.

To turn the shower on, press the button at the bottom – turn the dial left and right for cold and hot water.

You can move the shower head up and down the shower pole to adjust the height.  The shower head is easily adjusted by turning the lever on the shower head.

To clean the waste, the cover comes off and the middle part pops out, you empty that out and it’s important to pop it back in properly to seal it and the top goes back on top.

It’s also important to keep an eye on your silicone in your shower whilst cleaning.