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Around the outside of your home

Around the outside of your home

Around the outside of your house you have:

The external tap.

On the ground, you see the rodding eyes for your rodding point for the drainage.

External lights, which have sensors.

External extract vents.

External socket.

If your home has gas heating, you will have the boiler flue with the blow off below and the pipes  below are the gas mains coming into the house.

If your home has air source heating, you will have an external air source heat pump unit.

 Gas Box

Here we have your gas box. Inside is your gas meter.

For your gas reading, press the A button.

Also, in the corner is your gas isolation valve.

Turf Care

It’s important to keep your turf watered, especially in dry weather until the turf has taken to the soil.

You can also feed it throughout the Summer months to keep it lush and green.

Keep off the turf to allow it to take, especially in the Winter months.