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Solar panels

Solar Panels

If your property has had a solar PV system installed, this will provide free electricity at times when the system is generating.

The system will generate electricity in the hours of the day when sunlight is present. Power generated will vary with environmental factors but will usually generate most at midday.

If the solar is supplying enough energy to meet the demand of the house, the surplus energy will be sent back to the grid.

The solar PV system is controlled by a Solis Inverter, which is located in the loft. This inverter will not need to be accessed unless there is an issue with the system. If there is a fault with the system, the inverter will display a fault on the screen.

If there is a fault, contact a solar PV specialist to investigate the fault. A fault can be identified by checking the solar meter which will be located at your electric distribution board. If the figure on your meter is not increasing, then there is a fault with the solar PV system.

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