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Gas heating

Gas Heating

Baxi Assure Boiler

This boiler is a Baxi Assure.

This is a combi boiler, you should remember to register and activate your warranty – the serial number is on the boiler.

It’s important to have your boiler serviced once a year.

The boiler requires pressure to keep it in good working order.

To top up the pressure, adjust it at the bottom and it requires to be between 1.5 to 2 bar. When you are happy with the desired pressure, just turn it off.

The controls on the front on the boiler are set by the plumber to maximise efficiency – we advise to leave these alone when you receive ownership of your home.

 Danfoss Heating control (Gas)

This is your heating programmer only as you have a combi boiler.

There are many different functions within this programmer.

You have a 5 and 2 setting which is Monday to Friday, the heating comes on and off throughout the day, with a separate time on Saturday and Sunday.

You can also have 24/7 setting which is the same controls without the separate Saturday and Sunday settings.

You can also have a programmable room stat which works 24/7 and you can turn the temperature up and down.

To operate, hold the M button down and the light will come on.

A number 1 appears and this can be set as a room stat.

Number 2 is the 5 and 2 setting.

Number 3 is the 24 hour setting

If you are home most of the day and you like just a slight temperature difference, we advise setting number 1.

For number 2, if you are up in the morning and heading to work and you’re not in during the day, I advise this setting so you can have your heating coming on before you get up in the morning and going off by the time you are going to work, then coming on again before you come home and off before you go to bed.

To set your heating for the 5 and 2, hold down the time clock and you will see Monday to Friday, to change the time, press the left or right buttons. Firstly you are editing the hour, which is flashing. Then press the time clock again to move over to the minutes and follow the same process.

Then press the time clock once again to adjust the temperature.

When you are happy with that, it goes to your next time and goes through the process again.

Click through all the options and that’s it set.