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Kitchen and appliances

Kitchen and Appliances


In your kitchen, there is a multi-gang switch for your appliances. They’re all labelled up.

 Under the Sink

Underneath the sink is your main water isolation valve and your external tap isolation valve. We suggest you turn the external tap isolation valve off in the Winter and drain the outside tap down.

 Gas Hob

To operate your gas hob, turn on the isolator switch. On your hob, push the button down to ignite.

There is a safety feature on the hob where, if you’re ever cooking and the gas flame goes out, the gas will automatically cut off.

 Ceramic Hob (Air Source Heating)

To operate your ceramic hob, turn on the isolator switch. Turn the button to turn on your hob and you’ll see the heating zone glow red.

 Extractor Hood

This is your extract fan. All of our extract fans may be different, however this one operates by sliding the one button and switching between the three settings. There is a button for the light.

For cleaning purposes, the mesh panel pops out. You can also change the light bulb behind the mesh panel. Just a little turn allows you to take the bulb out. The panel just pushes back in

The cooker hood is terminated up there – on the switch above hood. Whilst cooking, the air recirculates by the extract fan.


On the oven, the controls are flush fitting.

Turn the left control for the oven, fan, and grill settings and there is a light, which helps when you are cleaning.

The temperature is controlled from the control on the right hand side.

To adjust the time on your oven, press the + and – button. It will beep and allow you to adjust the time.

Once it’s adjusted to what you want, hit the clock button and it’ll take you back to the time.

We advise you burn off your oven before first use.

All our manuals for your appliances are provided and we recommend you read through these.


This is your dishwasher. On the end here is your on/off button.

We have a select button here to select the programmes. Set it to whichever programme you would like, press start, close the door and away it goes.