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Consumer codes

When you reserve your new home with Tulloch we will work hard to build you and your family a home that exceeds your expectations. Whilst we hope nothing will, sometimes things do not go to plan. Should anything go wrong, we've got you covered.

As well as our after sales team, out of hours emergency services, two year warranty and NHBC guarantee, we are also members of the following consumer codes to give you even more peace of mind.

The relevant code for your home purchase depends on when you reserved your home.

The New Homes Quality Code

If you reserved your new Tulloch home on or after 2nd May 2023, you will be protected by the New Homes Quality Code.

NHQC LogosThe NHQC was developed with the aim of improving the new build buying process for customers across the UK’s housebuilding industry. Whilst we already pride ourselves on the way we look after our customers and in the quality homes we deliver, signing up to the NHQC shows our commitment to meeting the highest standards in house building.

The guiding principles of the code are:

• Fairness
• Safety
• Quality
• Service
• Responsiveness
• Transparency
• Independence
• Inclusivity
• Security
• Compliance

Visit the New Homes Quality Board website for more information.

The Consumer Code For Home Builders

If you reserved before 2nd May 2023, you will be covered by the Consumer Code for Home Builders.

Consumer code for home builders logo colour rgb shareable originalThe Consumer Code for Home Builders gives protection and rights to purchasers of new homes, ensuring that all new home buyers are treated fairly and are fully informed about their purchase before and after they sign the contract.

The code came into force on April 1st 2010, and is designed to help home buyers who reserve a new, or newly converted, home built by a home builder under the insurance protection of one of the supporting home warranty bodies.

The purpose of the code is to ensure that home buyers:

• Are treated fairly
• Know what service levels to expect
• Are given reliable information upon which to make their decisions
• Know how to access speedy, low-cost dispute resolution arrangements if they are dissatisfied

For further information and to view the Consumer Code, visit the Consumer Code website.