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Kirkill Show Home 'Design a garden' Competition When we masterplan our developments, we take a great deal of time to understand the make-up of the area, what already exists, the infrastructure and community facilities and the issues that matter to local people. We never approach developments in silo, but always consider how they can weave into the existing community and benefit the wider area.

We seek the views of local people, stakeholders and community groups and we incorporate their feedback into our proposals wherever possible. This goes beyond well landscaped developments that prioritise green spaces and walking routes. Many of our customers seek places with character and personality, where they can develop relationships with their neighbours, where they can be sure their children can play safely and where they are proud to invite friends and family.

Once our homes are complete and people have moved in, we work very hard to remain a visible and active part of the community. This includes identifying and supporting local groups and charities that require support, encouraging neighbourhood groups and promoting local events and social opportunities.

As a housebuilder that has a strong and long-established presence, we take our responsibility to our developments and the people who live in them seriously. We are proud of our commitment to making them great communities to be, now and for future generations.