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Commitment to quality

The Cairngorm Kitchen, Aviemore

Over our 98 years, our customers have come to trust Tulloch Homes as a housebuilder that delivers. We are proud of our reputation for excellence, and we are uncompromising in our commitment to delivering solid, quality homes that stand the test of time.

From concept through to construction, we take an exacting approach to our work. At design stage, we carefully consider how our customers live, the space they need and how their requirements might evolve. As a result, our homes are practical as well as beautiful.

We specify our building materials with great care for the environment, always taking our surroundings into consideration and prioritising sustainability. Key to this is the energy credentials of our homes and their ability to retain heat which helps to keep costs at a minimum for homeowners. We are proud that our homes are both wonderfully modern and highly efficient.

We consider solar gain, maximising natural heat and light and we use a range of innovative heating technology such as air source heat pumps and PV solar panels. These are features that add to the quality of our homes and make them even more appealing to customers who want to be assured that they are securing value for money.

Starting work on-site often marks a milestone moment for many of our customers and our team shares that sentiment. Craftmanship and meticulous workmanship is demanded, and we take pride in the work we deliver, as it reflects our business and our team. 

Where possible, we choose to work with local suppliers and subcontractors. We expect our partners to share our values, to have the same unwavering commitment and who will go the extra mile to make our homes stand-out special. To ensure this is the case, we interrogate our work on a regular basis throughout the construction process and during the handover process. This means our customers can rest assured that they are getting a best-in-class service, from a best-in-class team.